Kacco Products

All of our components are fabricated to United Association of Journeymen and apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry of the United States and Canada, AFL-CIO standards and bear the UA label.

Our pipe and fittings are fabricated using the highest quality A106 seamless pipe, welded Grade B pipe,
steel tube and forged steel fittings.
Kacco is able to fabricate systems utilizing fiberglass, plastic and other types of pipe.
We can accommodate special requests in terms of custom systems.

We have been in the pipe and mechanical industry for over 50 years. Our fuel oil containment piping is the backbone of your fuel oil transmission system. From end-to-end, Kacco will provide you with a safe, easy and environmentally friendly piping system, ensuring you a smooth install every time. Our pipe is manufactured using the highest quality seamless supply and return lines with a steel containment jacket.

Our system is fabricated by suspending a supply line, return line, or a combination of the two within a larger containment pipe. They are suspended by welding the plate to the outer containment pipe, sliding the supply and return line through the small holes in the plate and welding them in place. By welding the supply/return lines to the XP/XPT-Series plate, we eliminate any movement of the pipe or the sounds associated with it.


The XF and XS-Series round out our piping products line. The XF elbows and tees are
mechanical tube, precision miter cut and sized to easily fit over KP-Series piping. Standard XF-Series elbows are available in 45° and 90°. All KP-Series pipe fabrications ship with a XS-Series joining sleeve.


We continually strive to offer better products through thoughtful integration. Our XP 11, 21 and 31-Series plates are no exception. We know of no better way to accurately and precisely ensure that all supply and return lines arrive on-site with the same spacing, time and time again. Taking the guesswork out of suspending supply and return lines within the containment, the XP plate gives you a better solution. Our XPT termination plate is solid with no flow-channel cut out.

A list of just some of the benefits of Kacco Piping Products:
• Accurate measures
• Faster and cleaner installs
• Saves time and increases profitability
• Made in the U.S.A.
• Fabricated under exacting standards
• Environmentally friendly
• Fabricated using all top-quality components
• Dependable
• Smaller margin of error than other systems
• Faster lead times – yielding less down-time

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